Let’s bring your dream to life.

Your vision begins to take shape during an initial in-person showroom visit or virtual meeting with our experienced design consultants.

Initial Conversation

Be prepared to discuss your ideas, wants, needs, and goals. Even if all you know is that you want something better, our team can share amazing ideas and past experience offering inspiration and guidance. We’ll help you establish budget parameters and discuss project scope, ensuring that your expectations will be met from the start.

Needs & Wants

Our needs and wants are often at odds with one another. Our team is ready to help you mesh the two together and create a design that is completely you. Tell us what you need to store, and how you’d like to store it. Show us your ‘dream,’ whether it’s a sketch, a collection of Instagram posts or a Pinterest board and we will help you sort through custom finishes, colors, hardware, and accessory options.

Model Produced

Once you’ve settled on all of the details, we will create a model of your new storage design. This will allow you to visualize what your new space will look like to ensure we’ve checked every box before it goes into production.

Ready For Approval

Once your model is ready, it’s time for you to come into the showroom to get your first look at exactly how your design, the colors, and accessories will look once everything is in your space. Excited yet? The approved final design will include everything that makes it uniquely yours, from colours, to lighting, accessories, to finishes.

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Provide your project details and together we’ll begin to bring your dream to life.