Have You Seen This New Organizer?

by Jerry Smith

We’re more than cabinet and shelving organizers around here. We’ve got a new way to style your space for maximized organization!

The Symphony Wall Organizer

Its sleek design, in luxurious vegan leather finishes, provides a bold + elegant statement to any room, from the entryway, to the office, to the closet.

Maximize storage on your unused open walls + create a featured display for your jewelry, scarves, ties, hats, shoes, coats, bags, + more.

These wall organizers hook up easily throughout the home to efficiently sort + showcase your accessories.

Offered in a variety of designer finishes to compliment the aesthetic of your home.

Add convenience to any space by taking the organizer throughout any area of the home.

You can also add hooks to hold smaller accessories + items!

With a modern design, the luxurious materials, + robust engineering, the Symphony Wall Organizer offers sophistication + style. Symphony delivers functionality, making it easy to customize to your liking. Accessorize Symphony with scarves + jewellery to heavy purses + coats, while adding your own artistic appeal.

There’s also the option of a Surface Mount to make more room on your desk space!

Whether you’re crafty…

A bit of a workaholic…

Or would like to add some organized flair to your vanity…

Your hobby room or home office can be upgraded with a wall organizer for all of your essentials!

Interested in this idea for your home? Contact us to learn more!

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