Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Garage

by Jerry Smith

Whether you’re the handy-person, the athlete, the car junkie, or all three, we’ve got the ultimate guide to upgrade your garage 👇

For the Handy One

Track Wall

The Omni Trax track wall provides the ultimate storage space to have your tools, supplies, and equipment organized all in one place.

For the One Who Likes Projects

Work Bench

The work bench gives the project person the perfect space for painting, drilling, fixing, and so much more.

For the Athlete

Activity Hooks

Whether you play professionally, recreationally, or once in a while, give yourself a space to hang your sports equipment with a Rubbermaid track hook or hooks on an Omni Trax organizer.

For the Gardener

Power Tool Holder

Give yourself a place to hang up heavy power tools to give them a safe space while keeping them out of the way.

For the Person Who Just Does Everything

Wall Organizer

For the one who plays sports no matter what season it is, who always has a new project, and who wants to make more room for their collectors – have a space for anything and everything!

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